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Super Santa Nightmare - Santa is late and so am I! (An inspirational story)

A topic by Fernando Aires Castello created Jan 09, 2017 Views: 126 Replies: 1
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This was my very first attempt to develop a full-fledged videogame, and I can say it was a wonderful experience, so I thought I should share it with other fellow game developers. In this game you are Santa Claus himself and you must bring Jimmy's presents because it's January already and he is tired of waiting :P On the way you will find secrets and other children with their own weird little stories, as well as some unexpected characters and revelations.

Below is a link to download the game, and then a bit of backstory:

Well, I've been creating numerous videogame demos and prototypes since I was around age 12 or something like that. I started programming in BASIC for the MSX computers. Then years later I started learning more useful languages like Java, then C/C++, then Javascript (along with HTML and CSS) and as a consequence new and "more advanced" game demos and prototypes emerged. But I had never really developed a full game that was actually worth playing, at least in my opinion. I was starting to believe that I had no talent whatsoever and that I should probably abandon all hope.

But then there was this event in a particular internet community where people would create games for one another (secret santa), so I decided to join in to see if I could actually create something worth playing and that someone could enjoy it. The fact that there was a deadline (Jan 7th 2017) and that I was somehow "pressured" to finish the game as a present to someone else, made me feel a lot more compromised and attached to the project, which eventually led to the release of the game.

The best part is that I ended up learning a lot about Unity (the engine used to make the game), in which I was not very proficient. So now I believe I can actually create better, full-fledged games, and then I've come to the conclusion that I am not untalented but rather undermotivated (I never really had any reason whatsoever to finish making a game).

Anyway, I hope this story can be "inspirational" to someone out there and that more and more indie developers can create their own games and enjoy what others have created.

Happy new year and let's make a lot of games in 2017 (and beyond)!


Congratulations on getting something released. I really recommend adding more screenshots and a gameplay video if you have one.