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FrSky X-Lite Pro supported?

A topic by Manulieto created Aug 31, 2019 Views: 681 Replies: 10
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My new X-Lite Pro with OpenTX nightlies does not work with FPV Freerider.  Correct controller calibration is not possible. I am using the same settings as with Taranis  QX7, QX7 works fine. 

Is there a failure within my settings, or does X-Lite Pro don´t work with FVP Freerider?


I found this video in a quick search, it shows how you need to select Joystick (HID) instead of USB Storage, however it is in russian:

You may also need to switch Internal RF mode off.  Not sure if this applies , but at least on older style Taranis' - If you are flashing your Taranis with new firmware, make sure you deselect the "mass storage" option, otherwise joystick emulation is disabled.

Thanks for your reply. Unfortunately I had already tested all these settings without success. I´am able to calibrate only 2 axes in Freerider, the other 2 axes don´t work. Maybe it is an OpenTX 2.3 issue, i don´t know. If somebody gets the X-Lite Pro (with OpenTX 2.3) working, please give me a hint :)

Now it´s working. Problem was during calibration in Freerider. I blindly followed the instructions of the programm (Move Throttle up, move Yaw left, ...). But two axes needed the opposite direction as displayed for detection. 


I see, I'm glad you noticed that and managed to find the solution.

It's a bit strange that it needed the opposite input actually, I never heard of that before. Well at least now it's working. (If you want to avoid having to use the reverse direction during calibration I guess you could invert the channels on the radio itself).

I am also not able to calibrate after update to opentx 2.3.1 - have tried on backup model - after found it was not working recreated the model - yaw and throttle will be mixed whatever I do. Could you please provide detailed instructions how to setup the taranis x9d (using opentx 2.3.1) to calibrate fpv freerider on windows 10? The usb driver issue (caused by windows update) was fixed already so that is not at play.


As you go through the calibrate controller procedure, can you see if the yaw and throttle are using individual channels? (If you have a look at the small circles above the ok button you should see if you can move 4 circles individually with the sticks). Sometimes the automatic stick detection gets it wrong, in that case you can click the little circle that you see is the correct one for each channel (instead of clicking ok). I don't own a taranis myself so I'm not going to be able to see exactly what's wrong unfortunately.

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That nailed it. The trick is when doing calibration - at the first screen - you center the sticks and click ok.

At first stick detection seems fine, but after that they will affiliate with the wrong circle ;-)

Then for yaw click the 4th circle, throttle the 3rd, pitch the 2nd and finally roll the 1st circle. Hopes this helps also for others. Maybe you could update the manual for the Taranis for future users. Weird problem because the only change was having new Opentx firmware.

Anyway. Now I can fly again !!!


Glad to hear that solved it!  I will update the user manual and the Taranis document to make it more clear. Happy flying!


I am having the same issue with X lite Pro. But I did flash the new d16 backwards compatibility FW as soon as I got it. Did not deselect mass storage. Any way to fix this? 



You mean you accidentally didn't deselect mass storage during your FW update and wish to start over again?

I don't have the best knowledge in firmware flashing myself, I think you will have best luck getting an accurate answer in a dedicated Taranis/X-lite thread, such as this one or RCGroups for example: