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Now it´s working. Problem was during calibration in Freerider. I blindly followed the instructions of the programm (Move Throttle up, move Yaw left, ...). But two axes needed the opposite direction as displayed for detection. 

Thanks for your reply. Unfortunately I had already tested all these settings without success. I´am able to calibrate only 2 axes in Freerider, the other 2 axes don´t work. Maybe it is an OpenTX 2.3 issue, i don´t know. If somebody gets the X-Lite Pro (with OpenTX 2.3) working, please give me a hint :)

My new X-Lite Pro with OpenTX nightlies does not work with FPV Freerider.  Correct controller calibration is not possible. I am using the same settings as with Taranis  QX7, QX7 works fine. 

Is there a failure within my settings, or does X-Lite Pro don´t work with FVP Freerider?