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Voidcrawlers - 2D ARPG

A topic by ToothandClaw created Jan 05, 2017 Views: 285
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A 2D Action RPG Roguelike inspired by games like Risk of rain, Destiny, Binding of isaac etc.

Enter the void to retrieve ancient loot and artifacts and defeat terrible creatures within. Build up a frenzy to summon your Effigy to destroy those who would oppose you.

Started working on this in early December after prototyping various projects throughout October/November. I've decided to go full throttle with this project as I've actually been having fun thinking about where I could take this little game. Below you'll find some gifs of my progress so far. Basically it's a 2D action rpg that will have 3 main classes (although I may add some more in the future) with 4 differing abilities and specialities. But each class has one thing in common; a frenzy bar. Once a frenzy has been built up, the player can summon an Effigy. An Effigy is basically a creature that will follow you and create huge damage to everything caught in it path. Each Effigy will have skill tree which you'll build up as you progress through the game. And yes, this game will have roguelike elements so there will be a lot of randomness to it in addition to random maps, items, loot and enemies.

I hope to keep this updated over the coming months and am hoping to recruit some playtesters when the time comes.

You can track the majority of my progress on my twitter at :

Basic movement, shooting and ladder movement along with some working abilities (eg invisibility)

Player reaches Frenzy and summons an effigy

Smart spawner which places enemies at random and where it pleases