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My Explosions

A topic by Chocky created Jan 01, 2017 Views: 291 Replies: 2
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I was thinking of how to make explosions that are as cool as how Vlambeer do it but not copying them too blatantly.

With my game called Shoo Mo I made a white explosion and improve it more in Super Numerary.

The explosion is just a white circle and a hole opens up in the middle.

I put frame rate to 30fps.

I randomly put them in a group together.

They look too much like each other so I randomly pick a frame rate of 20-30fps and the colour is between yellow and red.

Then I just spawn a lot more and a bit of a bigger area.

Let me know what you think.


Hey, nice! In my games I usually just go with expanding discs, since I favor vector or hybrid graphics anyway. These look like a natural evolution thereof, which makes perfect sense.

A rather old thread, but hope no one minds.

It is a great template for those making explosions. Yes, template. As a normal explosion, it's just that there's no texture, and just looks like circles expanding and fading.