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A Ghost Story - GBJAM 7

A story driven RPG with some puzzles to solve · By SleepingPanda

Nice little story and characters.

A topic by kindeyegames created Aug 25, 2019 Views: 75 Replies: 1
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Played through, very sweet and right amount of challenge and puzzle and I cared for the cat! I hope you finish it (and add saves if it gets longer.)


Thank you, man! I'm really glad you enjoyed it, and if you think it has enough challenges. I really want players to find solutions by failing/retrying/succeeding. I was afraid this could be frustrating for some people, so I hope I did a good balance between difficulty and challenges.

You cared for the cat, so I'm proud of you. Friendship matters whatever happens. ☺️

I'm really sorry for the lack save game feature.. To be honest everything to make the feature is already in place. I've a couple of  global variables and a ready to use JSON file. It's just.. I was in a rush for the jam, so I decided to put this away for now, focus on building as much levels as I could, and debug blocking issues.

Anyway, I'll do my best to release an update after the voting period of the jam ends with 'auto-save' and 'new game'/'continue' features.

I do really want to make this a real game later. I designing a lot more characters and tilemaps that I didn't got time to use during this jam, so I'm considering it.

I will probably export this game for mobile, and consoles as well. Maybe think about a ROM export also. And why not think about a Kickstarter maybe.. 

We will see with time ☺️