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Possible multiplayer in the future?

A topic by Ubatz created Jan 01, 2017 Views: 844 Replies: 10
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Just thinking that once the game has reached a stable point, that it would be a great game to have multiplayer as well. (I see people discussing a fair steam price. I say 5 dollars at an absolute minimum and 10 would probably be best.)

A Multiplayer would be nice ^^ but its not that easy to code it :/ Okay its easy if u give a fuck if the other players are stucking around and so on... But these Developers are not that messy :)

I think it would be 20$/€...

Well and we haven't seen a final product yet. One big thing is they should try to keep good optimization for worse computers but able to bump things up for better computers.


I think that this is a future possibility once the game has reached a more stable point and has the required advancements, like islands/more crafting recipes/ect. before introducing more complex features, because the devs would also need to build a larger map in order to place all the rafts. But would be awesome if it were available as a beta soon, like co-op mode where 2 people are on 1 raft.

10 in release, 15 in couple updates and full version 20. This is best price for this awesome game

Great suggestion for the price points!

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Probably won't happen :/


If multiplayer will be implemented it will not be in the near future, reasons being that we only have one programmer and it is a difficult feature to add.

Honestly. the fact that you have this much quality into it so quickly is a really good feat. Not even high end developers can do that usually. With a team of developers no less. Great job and I wish for the utmost of success for you guys!

Este adevarat.