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A Shawn Story

A topic by Rooms4Rockets created Dec 31, 2016 Views: 792 Replies: 3
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A Shawn Story

A Shawn Story follows the life of Shawn, a 20-something office worker on his quest to get to work not completely late. His life is dictated by The Narrator, a sarcastic british man who is stuck in Shawn's head.

As the player, you can control shawn in this 'text-adventure-like' choice game, with 8 paths, totaling 16 endings. Each path has two endings.

This game is a 2D, choice making game with a narration-feedback aspect making a large potion of the game up, the narrator makes the game so much more.... more.... FUN!


I can't see the game, did you make it public?

Ah sorry heres a proper link -

oh and the game is now activated ;p