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50+ Games downloaded but 0 Games in Either Dashboard or Desktop App?

A topic by EelKat created Dec 31, 2016 Views: 184 Replies: 1
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I just downloaded the desktop app, and it says I have no games downloaded. I came to the site to check my dashboard and it also says no games are downloaded. However, I go to my game folder on my computer and there they are, all 50+ games downloaded and playable.

I was wondering, is it because they are all 'Free' games and not 'purchased' games is that why they are not showing up on my dashboard or in the app?

Or is there some step I have to do to get them to show up, that I just overlooked doing?

Has anyone else encountered this? Do you know what to do to get the games I've already downloaded to show up in the app?


Yeah, apparently it only shows purchased games. I would really like to have it show all the games downloaded in the past, including free. One work-around would be to rate every game you play, or add them to a collection, but neither of those are things you can do from within the app.