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Signed and Sealed With a Kiss

"Raise" your own perfect boyfriend in this visual novel-stat raiser. Will you fall in love or will you say goodbye? · By Signed and Sealed With a Kiss

18+ patch: Flirt CGs don't have explicit versions?

A topic by gingerlegend created 83 days ago Views: 227 Replies: 2
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I have checked the Bad Boy and Base boyfriend routes, and they both have the adult CGs, but the flirt doesn't, ironically. I haven't played the Prince route on the computer I'm using, so I haven't checked those CGs, but I'm about to.


The Flirt's sex scene doesn't actually involve him getting naked on-screen, so there aren't any CG updates for that particular scene yet. We do have additional image variations for it, but the scene requires additions/rewrites before we can implement them. For further clarification, we have a separate update planned to add more choices to the sex scenes so that the player can choose to be dominant/submissive rather than having the scenes "on the rails," as per player requests.

What about the flirt's 5th CG? I thought that would have worked as well