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Signed and Sealed With a Kiss

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It will be in this update, and yes, it's top/bottom for any gender MC with Boyfriend.

Thank you so much! We're glad you're enjoying the game. It's the comments like this that keep us going. :)


Thanks for letting us know. We'll look into these for the next update. The CG might be difficult to fix but we'll see what we can do.

Thank you!


Please check this update for the specifics, but the expansion should be out around Q1 2020.

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The problem, unfortunately, isn't one on our end but appears to have come from a recent iOS update and changes to codesigning. It seems that the next version of the game engine may fix the issue, so hopefully, that will be out around the time our big game update is ready. 

In the meantime, the game comes with a free Steam key, and running the game through Steam seems to work, so we recommend Mac users play through Steam until then.

Updating the game to a new version won't affect your previous saves. You can continue playing like normal. If you previously unlocked the CGs for the sexy scenes, the new CGs should already be in your Gallery, as well.

It will not. We're unsure whether or not it would cause any errors with past versions, but at the very least, it simply won't display the altered images.

The Flirt's sex scene doesn't actually involve him getting naked on-screen, so there aren't any CG updates for that particular scene yet. We do have additional image variations for it, but the scene requires additions/rewrites before we can implement them. For further clarification, we have a separate update planned to add more choices to the sex scenes so that the player can choose to be dominant/submissive rather than having the scenes "on the rails," as per player requests.

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The only other possible solution we can find is to go into Signed_and_Sealed_With_a_Kiss-1.2\lib, find the folders called linux-i686 and linux-x86_64, and rename the files called "Signed_and_Sealed_With_a_Kiss" to "Signed_and_Sealed_With_a_Kiss.exe".

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It sounds like you might be trying to open the .rpa file instead of running Signed_and_Sealed_With_a_Kiss.exe., or the equivalent for your OS. The .rpa file only sits in your game folder, and you start the game the normal way.

The builds on and Steam are identical. You need to run the .app file in the game's folder. If that won't work for some reason, it is likely a Mac OS issue. You can read possible solutions here.

Thank you for letting us know!

The glitch should've been fixed in the latest version (and it's already fixed on our master build), but it's possible that it didn't upload properly to We've fixed the rest of those errors for the game's next build, which will go up tomorrow morning.

What version of the game are trying to play? With or without the old sprite set? And what is your OS?


We can confirm that the game works on Windows 10 (it's the OS the game was mainly tested on). It sounds like you aren't running the game with the correct system permissions or perhaps your download was corrupted.

Apologies. We've uploaded a fixed build. Alternatively, you can simply press "ignore" when the error pops up and the game should continue normally.

Yes, it does!

Yes, they can be manually installed in the same way. Later today, we'll upload an additional branch of the game that'll automatically download them on Steam, as well.

Somewhere between 2-4 months. We're just waiting on Thrillseeker's script.

Thrillseeker & Fashionista are part of the expansion pack, which isn't released yet.

Fixed for the next build. Thanks!

The pencil is a click-to-continue indicator. We'll look into slowing it a bit more.

Per the dialogue that occurs within the choice, "Parents Rule" is actually a sarcastic dialogue option, not a serious one.

Thanks for letting us know! I have that line fixed for the next build. The shirtless glitch was actually fixed a couple of days ago.

>> We'd like to say that we're aware locks users out of the expansion pack download on the store page. We have to manually send each user a separate download key for the expansion pack and will do so once the standalone expansion pack page is ready and the team has had a bit of time to breathe.

Steam key:


We unfortunately can't comment either way without you providing the error report/log. It should be in the game's main folder as a .txt. If there's none there, your crash was likely related to a system error and not the game itself.

You can check %appdata%/Roaming/Ren'Py and go to the SSWK folder there and see if there's a copy of the file called "persistent". If there is, you can copy it into your game folder's save folder and see if that works.

You do not. SPOILER: You need to accept his advances in the good ending.

The stickied Quick Start Guide gives detailed hints for how to get on each route.

1st one = bad ending 

2nd one = sexy scene

>> one of the next events (prince route) is that he gets to know her parents before they even have had a date 

This is actually a random event, not a Prince story event. It can occur at any point beyond the common route, and they can happen in any order.

>> why can MC check in what there are doing?

MAJOR SPOILER: The MC works for the government security department. The game's world is not the same as our own; it's more dystopian.

>> she casually just kisses him

Past the common route, they are, in fact, dating and technically in a relationship. The MC just hasn't 100% committed to Boyfriend yet. Keep in mind that each in-game day that passes, although there aren't scenes for all 100+ days, they are actively furthering their relationship (with some exceptions).

>> that has to be a bug, hasn't it?

The word in question is actually "redacted". It's not a bug; it's a reference/hint to the fact that MAJOR SPOILER: MC's job requires them to be secretive about their personal life.

>> suddenly was sure that she is in love and

I double-checked, and the MC actually doesn't say they love Boyfriend in the particular scene, although there are references to them beginning to fall in love with Boyfriend for some personalities, which is accurate.

No problem!

Sure, no problem. Send us an e-mail at and give us the exact e-mail you made the purchase under, typo and all.

The MC personality choices are only planned for a much later update.

It was indeed a bug, haha. Fixed. Thank you for letting us know!

Fixed. Thank you for letting us know!

The expansion page will go live in the next 1-2 days. We just need a bit of time to set it up.

If you don't mind, that would be absolutely amazing. Thank you very much.

There isn't, but it's definitely something we can add in the future if there's enough interest.

At present, the status quo is...

Boyfriend top: Bad Boy, Flirt, Prince

Boyfriend bottom:  Base

Thank you for letting us know. We've uploaded a fixed build.

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Thank you for letting us know. We've fixed the problem; a new build should be uploaded within the next 10 or so minutes.

Thank you very much!

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That worked. Sent!

(There must've been a delivery lag on our end.)

We unfortunately haven't received any similar e-mails. Please re-send it to Sorry for the inconvenience.

Thank you!

If you paid for both the base game and expansion pack at their old price (or as part of the early bird special), you'll be sent a separate expansion pack key in the next few weeks. There's definitely no extra cost to those who've already purchased both.

Very odd. I do remember that you sent us an e-mail, though, so I'll manually send you your keys. Sorry for the inconvenience.

The game is out now with the first 4 routes!