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It's great! But...

A topic by 703337 created Aug 19, 2019 Views: 283 Replies: 11
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The second level (not the actual second level, but the level with the birds) is fine until you get to the duck. It gets harder after that, and eventually I just rage quit. It may just be my skill, but could you maybe make it a little bit easier?

Also, here's a video of my gameplay:


Hmmm no it's definitely not just your skill; that section in particular was always something I had to keep my eyes on as far as difficulty is concerned. Plus I never really wanted the game to be that hard, and certainly not something that would make people rage quit :(

I'll check out the video and roll out a balance patch later today. Thanks for your feedback!

Oh, and I would have a video of the level in question, but the video file got corrupted...

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I had no problems beating that part... it doesn't need to be nerfed.


The thing with nerfing it is that these are two of the first levels in the whole game, so they're kind of SUPPOSED to be easy. In the full game, the levels will get a lot harder later on, and there will either be a New Game Plus mode or just a difficulty selection to make the game harder for those that want it.

Don't worry; I like challenge in my games, too. But I also want a large amount of players of all skill levels to be able to play it.

Yeah that's true :P

Love what You've done with the menus screen! Also thank you for making the mega blocks go through each other. In the future, could you maybe add different characters, like the other ones seen in the story at the start, or make different costumes to unlock for Mabby, by meeting certain requirements?


Thanks! Costumes are definitely something that I'm going to add eventually, but more playable characters would certainly be quite a bit of work... I'll keep it in mind, though!


I love this game, although, I think you might need to fix the controller part of it, the jump button just doesn't work after a certain time, although it could just be my crappy computer lol


Hmmm... I'm starting to think it's a problem on my end, 'cause someone on Game Jolt said they had a similar thing happen to them after playing for a while... But I think I know what's causing it, so that's good at least

Thanks for the heads up! :)