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A very interesting short experience, however I found it hard to figure out that I had to have the page I wanted to investigate open. Also, The final line said by the worker outside the big building says "eachother" instead of "each other". Still, only minor issues. Can't wait to play Space to Interrogate when I get to it!

Cool game, got stuck on a level where I boxed myself in. Maybe add a level reset button?

I don’t remember what this is.

Good question

I don’t believe that.

Oh, nice! I did notice in the files that Pico is facing to the left rather than the right

Newgrounds Tank Guy



Y soe big doh

I am enlightened.

My account being a user will most likely be the problem. I have another computer where I am the admin, so I will use it there instead.

Windows says I do not have access to the executable file.

Will you ever continue working on this?

Going to take a look at this.


Thanks! Find any bugs or problems?

Ghosts would place away from where I clicked, causing the game to be frustrating and unplayable.

Just feedback, not implying what you are doing is bad, you can keep doing it if you want.

You left the gizmos in the screenshot.

(Don't upload the .exe and .pck separately. You can place them both in a .zip.)

Oh, I  must've missed something, I thought the people who submitted were rating. Sorry!

So, you going to say how you could help, or no? It's been 44 days.

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I guess the whole rating thing didn't go too well.

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The story/plot is overused in the horror genre. While you did combine multiple stories, they are still just overused. But please remember that this is just feedback and doesn't mean you need to listen to it. That is the point of feedback, it's for people who've interacted with what you have created to say what they think, not what you think.

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I didn’t say it was shit or that nobody cares about your game, I was giving feedback you could take into consideration in the future if you make more games.

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You need to fix up a lot of spelling. Spelling is a thing that can stop a lot of people from playing if it is really bad. Also, maybe use a more original idea. Waking up and everyone being mysteriously gone is not an interesting story and really isn't unique. In fact, most of the ideas in this game aren't unique, and the art style isn't either. Never-ending Nightmare did that style already.

This username doesn’t exist.

Provided the sounds you want are spooky and the music you want weird, I would like to help.

With the submission period over, you can now vote on the games submitted to the jam! Remember to respond to this post or the previous post (“ALERT”) if you need a late submission link!

It's made in Godot now?

Most Windows devices have browsers that can run web games, so if you don’t want to or are unable to put your game into a portable file, at least having it playable through the browser is fine.

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There is ONLY 1 DAY LEFT before the submission period ends! If you need to submit your game late, respond to this to ask for a late submission link.

It's not a rule, but an optional theme. Yes, it would apply to the menu as well.

The starts screen was zoomed in WAAAAY too far basically.

Music choice is a little bit off, transition between landing and resetting is a bit snappy, moving against invisible walls slows the character down, and the start screen looked like this:

Could not insert picture :/

Also, maybe add an epilepsy warning. Good game over all though!


All good.