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Thank god, I thought their legs might have decomposed

I don’t quite remember, but I believe that was tried. This comment is 3 years old, but thank you for trying to help :)

Hooray, there's a version that still works!


Played the mobile version years ago, excited to check it out on PC :)

Good question, no idea

Ah all good then. I might reply to this again to give you a link to the video seeing as you like to see reactions :)

I genuinely hate you

I like this game, but I don't like that you have to click back into the game to control the character again every time you unpause the game. I would also post my own gameplay video here, but of course, I can see that has just turned into a place where that's all people do in the comments of horror games now. I'd also feel rude.

It seems late submissions are only possibly if I am provided a link of your game. This allows me to use the jam editing tools to generate a link for you to use. Please use this thread to give me your game links if you wish :)

Ah, seems I need the game’s URL before I can generate one for you. Please provide this when you can :)

Yes, absolutely! I’ll get a link for you to use.

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I’m not very familiar with Inkle, but if you have a ZIP file with the game inside you can go to the jam’s "Overview" page and click the button that says "Submit Your Project". This should take you to a page where you can set a title for your game and upload your game’s files to be downloaded. If not, it may ask you to submit something you’ve already uploaded to the site, so you can do the same process already mentioned but accessed by clicking on your account in the top right of the site, then "Upload New Project", after which you can return to the jam’s "Overview" page to select the project you wish to submit.

I understand that this is rude, it’s only an issue due to the age of your account. I would love to see what else you make and/or submit, if you do.

Your game has been confirmed to be safe and not a virus, however, it does not fit the theme of the jam, and there is still the issue of the jam spam.

Your submission has been disqualified as your account has seemingly been made to add this to as many jams as possible and your game is suspected to be a virus.

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The amount of effort put in and the time it was submitted since the start. The theme is no longer optional, thank you, I will do this better for the next jam.

The game jam has now started! Have fun making your games!

If you have any questions about the rules or other details of the jam, please ask them here.

The flickering of the stats feels a bit fast and the prompt to attack or heal I feel would work better after all rolls have been completed, as it breaks the flow a little too much for me. It seems like this idea would have had good potential to me as well, are you not able to work on it at a later date?

Excellent! Thank you :)

If you'd like to take a look at it, here's the link:

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I have been inspired to try and make a similar but unique game based on the GMTK version, as I really enjoyed how it worked and loved the challenge of trying to beat the clown :)

Just to make sure, is that ok? Me making a game inspired by this one?

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A very interesting short experience, however I found it hard to figure out that I had to have the page I wanted to investigate open. Also, The final line said by the worker outside the big building says "eachother" instead of "each other". Still, only minor issues. Can't wait to play Space to Interrogate when I get to it!

Cool game, got stuck on a level where I boxed myself in. Maybe add a level reset button?

I don’t remember what this is.

Good question

I don’t believe that.

Oh, nice! I did notice in the files that Pico is facing to the left rather than the right

Newgrounds Tank Guy



Y soe big doh

My account being a user will most likely be the problem. I have another computer where I am the admin, so I will use it there instead.

Windows says I do not have access to the executable file.