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New Release: Nina Aquila: Legal Eagle, Chapter II: "Broken Wings"

A topic by Ethan Fox created 29 days ago Views: 30
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Hi all, this weekend I've released my newest game, part II of Nina Aquila: Legal Eagle!

Whereas the first one was like a 30-minute tutorial case, this one is a 4-hour epic, which takes place over 6 in-game days. Players investigate a murder that took place around a Yugioh-esque card game tournament, and the story is a parody of the "Collect-and-Battle" anime genre.

Also, the game is free for the launch weekend, but will go up to $3.99 on Monday, so get in quick!

Thanks so much - that goes to everyone in the community. The reception to Chapter I of the story has been incredible, and the reviews/comments you guys have made really helped me get through the 8 months of development to get Chapter II closed out.