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I can not interact with the game!?!?

A topic by pws3rd created Dec 25, 2016 Views: 191 Replies: 2
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I have Windows 10 and I just got Itch today and downloaded a few games I have always wanted to try. No problems so far; then I proceeded to launch a game; then I picked the apropriate resolution; then it swapped to the title screen but it had a green outline and nomader what I did I could not click on anything on the game. It was not frozen; it played its background music, animations, sound effects, ect., and I could even swap windows but I just could not interact with the game.


Hey, there's thousands of games on - which one are you talking about? If it has a comment section, try leaving a comment directly on the game's page, so the developer can see it.

I figured it out. I was downloading 64 bit games but my computer only works with 32 bit versions. Speaking of which if I go to download a game and it dose not ask me how do I know which one the game is? also the games were Raft, ancient ware fare 2, and some other game that I don't remember.