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Mech Revenant: Input One

1key+1sprite+1boss=tactical mech combat · By sleeper_games

MRIO Changelog Sticky

A topic by sleeper_games created Aug 14, 2019 Views: 98 Replies: 1
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Developer (6 edits)


-initial jam release

1.001 (Redux)
New Stuff:

- (Tap)x3 now allows you to lock on with up to four homing missiles, they are fired together once no additional locks are created within one second
- Added mech upgrades pickups for action charge rate, dash power, jump boost, shield HP, missile count and railgun power
- Added 2 new boss attacks
- Starting with zone 1.1, the boss can now also deploy drones that will continuously attack you. In contrast to the boss, drones can actually die and will go down to one lucky railgun shot or after 4 homing missile hits.
- Doubled the amount of random level components
- Zone 1.1 and 1.1.1. now start with a custom entry tile
- Implemented some basic dynamic mix for sounds (important sound effects will now drown out music for a few moments)
- Added more visual feedback for when player mech is in "dash" state
- Added GO! arrow and some other indications to point out that your need to advance through the levels in order to progress

Balancing / Adjustments
- Shield rework: Shield now has HP, regenerates while being deployed and lingers if deactivated while at full hp. Shield also starts out larger when beginning deployment - Deploying the shield now cancels jet jump and increases fall speed when deployed in mid air
- Railgun rework: Charge time now affects stun time, now has innate 1 piercing, upgrades can make it pierce through additional tiles and even drones
- Railgun dead zone is smaller now, allowing it to fire straight up
- Railgun targeting beam now indicates whether your shot might be stopped by a block at current angle
- Dash Rework: Longer invincibility, short dash is now way more responsive, long dash now requires a longer windup, upgrades make you dash further and through destructibles
- Short Dash now needs cooling if you attempt another dash immediately after (the dash input will still be recognized, just delayed)
- Long dash now has +1 innate piercing regardless of upgrades, allowing you to dash through the first destructible block you hit
- Dashes now get canceled if you attempt to dash while standing directly in front of an indestructible block
- Added top collision for jet jump
- Implemented some basic targeting priorities for when drones are present: Railgun aiming will always favor the boss, homing missiles will always lock on to drones first and space out their damage and stuns across multiple targets whenever possible.
- Enemies are now clearly marked while stunned
- Input UI now tells you when your current input doesn't do anything
- Health and upgrades can now be collected from one tile away and will magnetize to your mech even if moving past them quickly - Zone 1. (Outskirts) is a little easier to traverse now
- Increased the amount of destructible blocks across all zone to give more room for health and upgrade drops
- Added more feedback for when evading or blocking projectiles
- Health pickups can be found more frequent now
- Camera should now adjust better to your current actions
- Fully charge railgun and boss beam attack are way more flashy now
- The game now knowledges you being awesome: Firing the railgun at the boss right before it's beam is about to hit you will now blank out the screen, destroy all drones, deal 1 damage (instead of 3 from the beam) and stun the boss for 30 sec.
- Rebalanced boss attack phases per zones
- Made all boss attacks evolve some more depending on zone
- Improved boss pathing, should move less often right up into your face now
- The boss now leads all its mortar attacks some more
- Mortar area barrage now starts out smaller but grows larger with each zone
- In zone 1.1 and later, the boss will now track your movement during its downwards kinetic burst attack
- Improved music transition when reaching a new zone
- Improved Z-layering on explosions, projectiles and tiles

Bug fixes:
- Heavy enemy attacks will now leave you at one health pip if you had more than one beforehand (that was originally intended but did not work)
- Health player health sometimes not being displayed correctly (?)
- Fixed "executed" input text sometimes interfering with new input text
- Fixed narration text not typing correctly later in the game
- Fixed player occasionally being able to dash through tiles or becoming stuck within them
- Fixed player being able to aggro boss early by simply charging and firing railgun from starting position
- Fixed a problem preventing railgun stun from taking effect correctly in some situations

Developer (1 edit)


  • Fixed a problem causing player homing missiles to detonate on boost ignition
  • Added camera transition for intro sequence
  • The boss will now always need at least 2 seconds before starting a new phase after stuns wear off


  • Tutorial text now resets to zone name after a while
  • Added text shadow to help with readability against bright background objects
  • Added some hitlag to evades


  • Improved asset preloading
  • Fixed a problem causing player homing missiles to remain active after their target drone has been destroyed
  •  Limited the amount of homing missiles that can be fired at you simultaneously