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The Unexpected Quest. New release.

A topic by rionix created Aug 13, 2019 Views: 176 Replies: 1
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A journey of hammer, magic, and might continues!

We have released new version of "The Unexpected Quest" for you!

The Unexpected Quest

This simple strategy game with management elements, interesting quests, and hidden objects will entertain you for several days. Build things, participate in battles, use magic items, and brew potions. A whole world will open before your eyes... a world on the brink of disaster.

What's new in version 0.2.4:

  • Completely redesigned the first two chapters.
  • The balance and speed of the characters updated.
  • Small user interface improvements.
  • And of course new bugs and crashes :)


More info and download links can be found on our itch page:


We are apologies for the bug with Clerics. They thought they were fired right after they were hired. In this version of the game this bug is fixed. All saves are valid and the path to them is "TheUnexpectedQuest\MedievalTales\Saved".

More info here:

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