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Playthrough of the chapter one by The Gamers Hotspot:

Hi all! 

We are glad to present you our old new game: Action Ball 2! :)

Captain Livsey, veteran of the war against the Robot Empire, barely had time to rest before new troubles came. The robots, in a bid to hit the Captain where it would hurt, kidnapped his favorite mechanical cat and escaped to Mars. Now the captain must make his way to the Red Planet to suppress his most aggressive enemy and save his beloved pet!

We hope you enjoy our trailer!

More info about game, here:

And a couple of GIFs for dessert:


I watched the first part of the video, that was fun! The error with the gold resource will be corrected in the next versions. And warriors fight honest - one on one, or almost... :)

A neat game that mixes RTS elements with time management and intricate puzzle solving

Our game was reviewed by Teodor Nechita.

Thanks for playing! Watched with pleasure :) I hope that there will be a video about the fifth chapter. Found a few problems in the gameplay, we will think how to fix it.

By the way, it will be difficult to find the owner of the helmet. He lives in our other game. :)

The Unexpected Quest - Eine Reise Beginnt DEV - Version

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⚔️ The Unexpected Quest - DEMO - Lustiger Aufbau/RTS-Mix - Folge 1 - Deutsch

THE UNEXPECTED QUEST [FR] Construire son village, recruter une armée et conquérir!

Thank you for reporting the bug! Please specify when it occurs? When you start the program or when you start a level or at another time?

Many thanks to everyone who has played our game and given us feedback about it! We have read everything carefully and will take your words into consideration when doing further development. We would be happy to continue hearing your opinions. What do you like, and what is annoying? What would you like to see in the final version? We look forward to your reviews here, on Facebook, or YouTube.

If you have created a video, article, or any other type of content concerning our game, please let us know. We are grateful for any feedback and will be sure to put a link to your content on our site and on social media. Thanks in advance!

Thanks for your reply! We will definitely register our game in your contest.