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Indie game online: recordsland

A topic by sissi_luaty created Dec 20, 2016 Views: 146 Replies: 2
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I am developing a game to be played online in-browser. I would like to receive some comments about the game. In addition I want to publish it in, but this game is not downloadable, so I get an error message. How can I publish it here?

The webpage of the game is:

In this game you have to find the 7 diamonds that are randomly placed in the map, in the shortest time you can. Then, you can publish your record with a message/ wish.

Good luck, and thank you for your attention!


What are you doing exactly, and what error message are you getting? You can publish online games here by picking HTML under "Kind of project" and ticking the "This file will be played in the browser" checkbox after uploading the right archive (it has to contain a file called index.html).

I was getting an error because I was trying to add an external link (not a file) and I got the message in the page section: "You've configured this page to show a html game but you haven't uploaded the appropriate file!"

Now it is OK - I have followed the steps you suggested and I have put a link to the webpage in my index.html file (that game is not downloadable). It runs well on the browser.