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Trying to contact

A topic by A Grape Design created Dec 20, 2016 Views: 265 Replies: 5
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I've sent two emails to the past weeks and have not gotten any response. The last one was regarding that I have too many files in my zip file, and it says in their FAQ that they love to make exceptions and to contact them. I would loove to get an exception for my game, since I really need to have lots of files for this particular game.

Do you guys know the best way to contact them and get an answer?
I really like and would love to host my game here. If I can get it working that is. :)


Hello, I see your email. Sorry about the delay. How many files are in the zip you're trying to upload?

No worries, thanks for replying!
Welll, the game isn't finished yet, I wanted to upload it and see how it looks and if I have to adjust the layout size and stuff like that. Right now it's 658 files, but it's going to be more later. So it's a lot more than the limit unfortunately! But it's only 55Mb so it won't take up a huge space on your servers! :)

So do you think you can make an exception for me, or do I need to start looking for other alternatives?


Try again, it should go through now

Thank you so much! :D