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Magic Axe

A topic by Gamer5 created Dec 19, 2016 Views: 173 Replies: 1
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Magic Axe Game

I have been using a computer game "Magic axe" Unreal 4 programmed for Windows. This game is a shooter game, there are 10 levels to the selection and there you can collect the scores as long as you want by shooting down of opponents. And after 3 hours of play opens a gate to the next level. You can also choose in the menu that you want to play level. I have programmed this game with menu where can also be played. You can then play this game with keyboard and mouse. I programmed as a magical axe where he shoots and it shoots enemies with laser.

Recommended PC with: Windows7, GT graphics Card or better, AMD Phenom II processor or better, 8 GB memory or more.


Hello, Try to add an image to your post here. I also noticed you used the sale tag, but the game isn't on sale. Please don't misuse the tags. Thanks