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Tank it up and blow everything to bits! · By terriv

CRT-like presentation?

A topic by Rooster created Dec 15, 2016 Views: 261 Replies: 2
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Hi there! I enjoyed playing this and I like the palette and overall aesthetic of the game; reminds me of the Sega 32x I owned and played for a while as a kid.

I'm curious how you achieved the quasi-CRT effects? I also fiddle with Unity and the render look you achieved is close to what I am going for: 1) low-resolution 3D rendering with a slight blurriness (RenderTexture with bilinear filtering, I figure?), 2) a kind of iridescence/rainbow-sheen effect at edges, (but no attempt at scanlines as far as I can see, which I think is wise since it often looks too weird), and 3) a slight curvature to the end result.

Anyway, did you write/use shaders to achieve the iridescence and curvature? If you used an asset, which one(s) was it? If you wrote code, any pointers on what I should look at to get an idea of how to achieve those effects?


hey! I agree the effect is great! its VHS PRO by Vladimir Storm:!/content/44925

Oh, cool! Thanks for letting me know :)