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Ahh, that’s what I was missing. Thanks sodaraptor, that did the trick!

Hi, sodaraptor! This game is incredible and very imaginative so far, but I have a question.

Where are the saved games stored on disk? I want to continue playing on a new device, so I want to copy my save there, but I can’t seem to find it.

I found what looks like a log file in %APPDATA%\LocalLow\Raptorsoft but seemingly no save data is present.

Very cool! I enjoyed it greatly. The aesthetic is spot on

Very cool! Love the gray-green aesthetic, definitely giving off original pre-Pocket Game Boy vibes.

I enjoyed this! Short and sweet :).

Very cool! I've noticed several WYSIWYG CSS layout tools getting released this past week (i.e. for Grid and Flex), and the timing couldn't be better... I've been studying frontend web development and I find CSS much harder to get comfortable with than modern JavaScript, classic algorithms, frameworks and so on. It's really helpful to have visual tools like this to learn the behavior of CSS properties interactively!

The absolute BEST hot dog dream simulator I have ever played.

Also, the use of Garamond or similar in the cover image is a nice throwback touch

Really dig the look of this! Reminds me of the old black-and-white Macintosh Plus my grandparents had when I was a very, very young kid. Can't pick it up now, but probably will later!

The game doesn't start on my machine, sadly :-/ I'm using Windows 10

This was pretty cute! It cracked me up rolling a bee around on the ground like a ball. Wish the minimap had covered the whole game area, and that pond was an unpleasant thing, but otherwise I enjoyed this

Nice, I enjoyed this! Followed, I look forward to whatever you put out next.

Oh okay, gotcha. Cool, I'm excited to try the next one! :-)

That's quite an ending reward, it cracked me up :-P I couldn't stop until I finished the demo even though I found it very challenging!

This looks very promising, and I love the style! But I'm not sure I completely understand how the gamepad controls are supposed to work... Keyboard/mouse controls I have no trouble with, but I'm using an Xbox One controller (over Bluetooth FWIW) and RT shoots left, LT shoots right, both triggers together shoots forward, but RS only seems to allow you to aim ahead or behind.

Maybe I'm missing something, but it seems like simply being able to aim in 360 degrees with RS would make more sense and be more comparable to the mouse aiming? Or maybe something's up with my particular controller situation. Just my 2 cents.

And I agree with the other poster; the music is stellar and a big part of what drew me in.

Nice! Very interesting atmosphere and I'm curious to see where the story will take the little and less-little fish :-P. Also, I dig the dither effect and the toon shading. Found the controls confusing at first, but I eventually got the hang of them and they are suitably fishy.

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Also, it's great to see more and more Unreal Engine content on itch since so much is made with either Unity or, to a lesser extent, HTML5/WebGL.

This was very entertaining, especially the way body parts would gradually fall off the player as you took hits, and of course the death sequence.

Oh, cool! Thanks for letting me know :)

Hi there! I enjoyed playing this and I like the palette and overall aesthetic of the game; reminds me of the Sega 32x I owned and played for a while as a kid.

I'm curious how you achieved the quasi-CRT effects? I also fiddle with Unity and the render look you achieved is close to what I am going for: 1) low-resolution 3D rendering with a slight blurriness (RenderTexture with bilinear filtering, I figure?), 2) a kind of iridescence/rainbow-sheen effect at edges, (but no attempt at scanlines as far as I can see, which I think is wise since it often looks too weird), and 3) a slight curvature to the end result.

Anyway, did you write/use shaders to achieve the iridescence and curvature? If you used an asset, which one(s) was it? If you wrote code, any pointers on what I should look at to get an idea of how to achieve those effects?

Loved this, especially the smooth & simple controls! I'd love to see tile-based FPS movement more often, especially on mobile. (And I say this even though I'm a huge fan of fast-paced, old-school FPS gameplay)

Nice! Solid use of a looping-screen mechanic. I also love that even though the game uses pixel art, the sprites move at native res, which always looks smoother.

This was a lot of fun! It has a great sense of atmosphere. I really enjoyed the writing, and the gameplay was suitably smooth.