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Jupiter Hell (BETA)

A modern, yet classic turn-based sci-fi roguelike · By ChaosForge

Steam Key?

A topic by Jonathon Yule created Aug 02, 2019 Views: 527 Replies: 7
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Was wondering when the Steam keys will be distributed?


I, too, wonder this.


And mine, did not receive backer steam key or steam key for purchasing on here.



Sorry for the late reply. Keys should be sent out within the next week. We have some problem getting the e-mail list out of, hence the delay!


Steam keys are now be available in your purchase panel!

See Steam key section if you have any issues.

Amazing, thank you!

I think what made this so tricky for me to find is that the beta page in the app's download link to take me to this page was disabled as all of the beta links are now disabled.  I only made it here by accident as I tried accessing this same area via my web browser.