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Let Nature Flow from your Brush · By PixelForest

V4 update

A topic by TheQCC created 49 days ago Views: 125 Replies: 12
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Hiding the UI with the space bar and restoring with the space bar does not restore the complete UI and may result in an in operable FlowScape. 

Problem fixed.
Thank you


its fixed, please update

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FlowScape still loses the cursor on return from Ansel.
Unfortunately, this is repeatable, but it may take more than one jump into and out of ANSEL.
Without a cursor, the only out id Alt F4.

The bonus with V4 update  is the Map 8K is much faster and does not crash. Reducing the need for ANSEL.


i think i fixed it. try updating again

Worked twice.
I have an early morning. I will stress test it later.

Thank you


it was all tied to alt for orbit...

so if you alt tabbed or alt f2... it didnt bring back the mouse

Alt F2 works with a bonus, I can now Orbit with just the Alt key.


Yeah after fixing the alt tab problem, i thought, why do i even need to press the mouse button?

Map files are no longer stored in the Maps folder.


people kept asking me where the maps were, so now im putting everything in the root folder

The icon for rocks in the layers bar cannot be turned off. Or it does not show as being turned off.

All layers on.

All layers off.


good catch, its fixed, will update later today

Closing the Settings panel.
A minor point. It can sometimes take 4-6 clicks on the X to close the Settings Panel.