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A Short Hike

a little exploration game about hiking up a mountain · By adamgryu

Gamepad controls on macOS?

A topic by JonSolo42 created Jul 30, 2019 Views: 1,918 Replies: 9
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I have a bluetooth Xbox One Wireless controller hooked up to my mac and the controls seem strange. The xbox guide button acts like the A button, and the left bumper is like the keyboard X button and other weirdness. The left analog stick does seem to work as expected. I wasn't sure if this was a bug or something with my setup, so I tried the Steam version and got the same results. 
I wasn't sure where to file a bug report if so.

Love the game, though, so far it has a really strong Nintendo-esque vibe, well done!


Hey, thanks so much for the report! I'll look into this...

In the meantime, you might be able to get the desired behavior by using the controller re-mapper on Steam.
Sorry about the trouble!

Wireless Xbox One gamepads on mac with Unity is known to have a different key mapping – from my experience you can try setting a different mapping specific for this configuration or use the the Unity's new input system for gamepads as it fixed the issue.

The v0.9 of the new input system does have some issues with keyboard on some Windows machines though...


No problem!

So I grabbed the (apparently widely used) 360 Controller driver off github ( and tested it connected via USB with the lastest release (1.0.0-alpha.3) and everything works as intended!

It could be this problem exists in other games on the mac, it might be a known thing with Mojave or something. I haven't played a game on my mac in a little while (still building my PC).


Thats good to hear! Hopefully it's just a driver issue, but I might be able to include better controller debugging features in a future build!

FWIW, I couldn’t get it to work properly with a Steelseries Nimbus (designed for iOS) - couldn’t get it to recognize any buttons other than the menu button, even with a control remapper app. A PS4 Dualshock works mostly fine, I mapped most buttons as expected, but in menus it seems to want to use the left analog stick in a non-intuitive way. 


I've heard of another user having trouble with the Steelseries Nimbus on Mac, it seems like it is an issue with Unity - I think it has trouble detecting its pressure sensitive buttons. Unfortunately, there's little information about the issue online and I don't have the controller myself, so it might be a while before I can get a fix for that case. I'm sorry for the trouble right now.

What do you mean about the left analog stick on the PS4 controller?

I've not got it in front of me at the moment, so will test later, but it seemed like it only recognized the horizontal axis, and similarly, the D-pad only recognized one axis, so it made inventory selection harder - like I had to use one control to cycle through those three main-menu items (which, IMHO, ought not to be there), then the other to move left-right through the inventory. 

Also, I'm not sure, but if the left stick is supposed to control the camera, as it does in most games, it only budges it a little bit before snapping back. I will double-check this and test this evening. Is there a debug mode I can use to send you a logfile, or a screen recording, etc? 

Thanks for being so proactive about this. I really love the game and could spend a lot of time in its little world - so much so that I'd really love more world to explore. :)  

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Hey I'm getting the same issue on Mac. Downloaded the humble bundle version of the game.

Using a PS4 controller. It is very glitched out. left and right d-pads work but they move the character up and down. Up and down d-pad controls don't work at all. Left thumbstick only works in 1 direction. Right thumbstick does nothing.

After messing with the menu controls (I think this is what caused it), I was able to move my character left and right but using the up and down d-pad buttons. Left and right d-pad stopped working. Not sure what's going on here. 

Replying to OP and the author with the absolutely wacky controller input behavior of the Xbox Series X|S controller under macOS Big Sur.

All of the inputs appear to behave as expected and push either analog sticks or buttons. Except for the Analog Triggers, which appear to do nothing under A Short Hike's input detector.

Worse still is the digital pad, which does weird things. It appears to be fed to A Short Hike under its distributed version of Unity as two analog axes, A4 and A5.

The default state of the D-pad is A4 centered, A5 negative.

Pressing the pad up: A4 positive, A5 negative.

To the upper left: A4 centered, A5 centered.

To the left: A4 negative, A5 negative.

To the lower left: A4 negative, A5 centered.

To the bottom: A4 negative, A5 positive.

To the bottom right: A4 centered, A5 positive.

To the right: A4 positive, A5 positive.

To the top right: A4 positive, A5 centered.

The unpressed state of A5 being negative causes the controller input to break analog presses. The confusing mapping of the d-pad breaks it period.