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I absolutely love this game. Thank you so much for making it. It's like if Studio Ghibli or Hosoda Mamoru made an indie game!

No problem!

So I grabbed the (apparently widely used) 360 Controller driver off github ( and tested it connected via USB with the lastest release (1.0.0-alpha.3) and everything works as intended!

It could be this problem exists in other games on the mac, it might be a known thing with Mojave or something. I haven't played a game on my mac in a little while (still building my PC).

I have a bluetooth Xbox One Wireless controller hooked up to my mac and the controls seem strange. The xbox guide button acts like the A button, and the left bumper is like the keyboard X button and other weirdness. The left analog stick does seem to work as expected. I wasn't sure if this was a bug or something with my setup, so I tried the Steam version and got the same results. 
I wasn't sure where to file a bug report if so.

Love the game, though, so far it has a really strong Nintendo-esque vibe, well done!