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Let Nature Flow from your Brush · By PixelForest

Fun without guns and swords.

A topic by TheQCC created 25 days ago Views: 97 Replies: 3
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Thank you for creating a "game" that does not involve shooting something/someone or hacking something to pieces.
I found FlowScape while looking for an alternative to E-On Vue Esprit 2015.
FlowScape may not have the editing powers of a full 3D application, but there are enough controls to spend a few days creating  my second best scene.
The best scene is still to come.

Thank you

"The ultimate way to solve human problems is with nonviolence. "
Dalai Lama


Thanks QCC

Just be careful comparing this 10 dollar thing to a full 3d app lol expectations might run wild :)

I have no concept of the cost of other games, but FlowScape is certainly worth more than $10.00.

True, good feature request. With guns and swords (and people) we could create interesting scenes indeed.