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Wings Review!

A topic by UnsealedWings created 58 days ago Views: 30 Replies: 2
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Played this as part of a 4 free indie horror games, and it honestly caught me off guard with how creepy and bizarre it all was. Just good job on sound and characters and creep factor. The level design and atmosphere lacked however. I feel (Personally) this game would had thrived more in a greenish toned, foggy, abandoned shanty town setting. I played what i could of the game in my video below. I believe i experienced a glitch on the last room.  Hope you enjoy the playthrough.


Thank you for the feedback, when did you recorded this?  because this seems to be our first version, and you would not be able to finish the game, our latest should take you all the way to the end with a couple of extra features and enhancements. :)

I recorded this Tuesday, But as i've said in earlier videos and might had said in this one as well, I have games i've installed awhile ago, and just now getting around to playing them on on the channel. I typically don't revisit games, but i might consider it.  Hope to see more in the future!