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TumbleSeed is a deceptively deep roguelike about balancing a seed up a dangerous and ever-changing mountain. · By aeiowu, dlask, benedictfritz

Old-fashioned leaderboard

A topic by mike schneider created Dec 11, 2016 Views: 768 Replies: 10
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There's no leaderboard yet so I'm making this thread so we can brag about our high scores. Here's mine: 4950! The fourth biome is evil, man.


Nice!! That height means you got to the boss! The boss is a little unclear on what you have to do right now. DM me on Twitter or something if you want some explanation/help hehe

I'd like to give it a few more tries myself before I ask for help, but thanks!

Bah. I still haven't hit the final boss yet.

Fourth biome. So hard.

Wow, the fourth biome is a joke compared to the new enemy-density third biome.

I got one pad on the boss. Just too dense with bad guys and no seed plots, couldn't make progress despite tons of gems and a digseed. Bummer.

Fourth biome still a joke compared to the third (at least with 0.5 enemy density), beat it literally every time I hit it without difficulty. Third biome without star or reflect? Misery.

If I had found a digseed or gardener, there is no question I would have beat the game this time. Hit 3 coloured pads, just didn't have anything to deal with two following snakes near the top. If I had found the bomb, I probably would have also beat the game, albeit with more difficulty.

I did it. I hit all the coloured pads. I saw the very top of the mountain. I hit the last coloured pad. But the aura was behind me, not on me, so I died instead of beating the game. :'(


So cloooooose!!

I wanted to scream.

(the boss design is really great, by the way, the only serious problem is the dev art that still exists, especially on the aura you have to be carrying while pressing the tiles)


oh maaaaan, wow. yea, that aura will be much better eventually. sorry about that. seems like you're very close anyhow...


i've been trying to get a sub 12' run for awhile now, and i finally did it on the daily. last week we worked on getting the metric for our leaderboards down and it'll be height > time > minerals. so if anyone wants to throw down speedrun style, let me tell you i'm really digging it and it refreshes the game a decent amount for me. It adds another thing to the economy: time which is interesting at a lot of decision points. do i go in this shop? is it worth it to grab that gold crystal over there? it'll take me like 7 seconds at least... etc. etc. not to mention summit boss with like 2 powers...