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I Did a Bad Thing.

An ultra hard narrative puzzle game that stretches beyond your device. · By Thoth


A topic by Thoth created Dec 10, 2016 Views: 635 Replies: 1
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Thank you for playing! Some players have requested a walkthrough. In this post I will provide hints for the Limbo section

The three digit code in Limbo- the solution is the red markings on the mirror. "Split" the symbol down the middle to get your answer. The symbol is actually the number reflected.

Pencil- used with "Unwound Tape" item later in game. Not for use at starting.

Computer in Limbo- lore extension puzzle. The answer is EUROPA.

Scarecrows- common cryptograms. "THERE ARE SECRETS IN THE TREES"

Next week I will provide answers to "Campsite" and "Ranger Tent"

is there even a good ending to the game

its a demo, so i dont think so

Pretty sure there is only the GAME OVER end.