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Attention! All that are reading this, download the game and keep backups stored and uploaded everywhere. Konami will be through before to long to strike this one dead, just like they do with every game now.  I am downloading it manually so if Konami comes in acting like a bitch don't worry, I have a backup of it and they can't get their hands on it.

How do I know when I have found all the secrets?

Do you mean the   question about the firewood? Ashes is the answer

That was really fun! Excellent sound design!

Wow. I completely missed that, I thought i had checked all the trees. Thanks! I am using windows, I am a little acquainted will spectrum analysis with audio files but thank you for the program name because I didn't know a good free one to use!

The sash is that missing Billy kid's. The one the notice board talks about. I'm guessing the photos are other victims? The sash and pencil don't appear in my inventory. Not sure if that is how it is supposed to be or not.

The lock box puzzle is also somewhat lacking logic, but the answer is 6 in letter form (SIX) Somehow I seemed to have missed the tape puzzle? Where is that located? No worry on too many questions, this game has some hard puzzles that seem to lack logic or at least aren't conveyed well through translation.

Pretty sure there is only the GAME OVER end.

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Also after going back and checking out the scarecrow "There are secrets in the trees" message I found a hidden path in the "snow" area that lead to another photo and Bill's sash.

Also inside the tent the bear deciphers to TIME TO BE A GOOD RANGER

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Can you remind me the answer to the firewood question? I still can't remember it. The well answer is 29. You have to do the math of the frog jumping up 5 feet and then sliding down 3 feet each night. Its kinda confusing.

EDIT: Nevermind I remember the wood question answer!

Um, now I truly can't remember so I'm trying to play through and figure it out again. The Scarecrow says The Firewood Passcode Has No Numbers, I remember that. I'll keep trying. I remember the answer was a bit of a stretch with the broken translation.

Prepare for disappointment though in the next room....

Got the door open! Thanks so much for that code! Here is the other code for your right lock.


The bathroom note is 82-XLV

XLV is Roman Numeral for 45, so your code is 8245

Ok I found the key and now I am at the same place your are stuck at. EL doesn't translate to any numbers.

can you pick up the hammer? And where is the key? I've searched everywhere

Figured it out. A little bit too much on the difficulty.

Could you put up some type of hint or walkthrough somewhere? Certain parts of the game are pretty impossible due to translation? errors? Maybe? "a cord of wood come to" makes no sense. I decoded the scarecrow sentence so I have that clue, but there isn't enough info to figure out the wood riddle. I do love the way there are real world puzzles incorporated into the game though.

Whoa. Ok just finally figured it out. Very very clever.

That's what I was thinking the whole time. I don't know what to make of it though. the top part kind of looks like a 4 with the black spots over the red. Honestly I have no idea. I have counted lines, looked at shapes, tried the number of Toynbee tiles, I'm stuck man.

I figured out the word in the hospital room but I have no idea what the code for the gate is and have tried everything I can think of.

Am I missing something? The onlly thing I have been able to do in game is look at the photo with the numbers and letters on it and I heard something fall but didn't see anything. The screenshots posted here have different setting but I can't figure out how to get out of the initial room. The other drawer is locked and I can't pick up anything on the table.

In the stump puzzle's second sentence I think you meant to capitalize the S and not the A.