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The sash is that missing Billy kid's. The one the notice board talks about. I'm guessing the photos are other victims? The sash and pencil don't appear in my inventory. Not sure if that is how it is supposed to be or not.

oh ok thanks. yes, the sash and pencil dont appear in mine either. so u know the first scarecrow clue, (there are secrets in the trees)? if u go to the section with the green trees, right before the snow area, there are some trees on the right side u can pass through, (near the top) u will come to a hole u can climb down. examine a bear in the corner and u will get the tape. go get the pencil from the first area and use it to fix the tape. bring the tape back to the bear in the hole and u will get a loud morse-code like noise that lasts for a bit. if u have played portal 2 and know the ratmans final transmission achivement, ull know how to solve this, in case u dont, go to google and download a program called MMSSTV (im assuming u use windows.) play the audio directly from your speakers. the noise will create an image inside the program and give u website links for more backstory. (PS. make sure ur on the RX tab in the MMSSTV program to see the image correctly) hope this helps!


Wow. I completely missed that, I thought i had checked all the trees. Thanks! I am using windows, I am a little acquainted will spectrum analysis with audio files but thank you for the program name because I didn't know a good free one to use!



My name is Robert.

I ran into the game, I DID A BAD THING, and I cant get past the "LOG CORD" question. I'm playing in on mac and i tried the MMSSTV program thing using CROSSOVER but the image isn't clear enough to decipher.

It looks like a possible URL but I can't make it out.

Do you by any chance remember the answer to log question at the summer camp?

sorry to bug.


Do you mean the   question about the firewood? Ashes is the answer