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Niki Farren

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oh ok thanks. yes, the sash and pencil dont appear in mine either. so u know the first scarecrow clue, (there are secrets in the trees)? if u go to the section with the green trees, right before the snow area, there are some trees on the right side u can pass through, (near the top) u will come to a hole u can climb down. examine a bear in the corner and u will get the tape. go get the pencil from the first area and use it to fix the tape. bring the tape back to the bear in the hole and u will get a loud morse-code like noise that lasts for a bit. if u have played portal 2 and know the ratmans final transmission achivement, ull know how to solve this, in case u dont, go to google and download a program called MMSSTV (im assuming u use windows.) play the audio directly from your speakers. the noise will create an image inside the program and give u website links for more backstory. (PS. make sure ur on the RX tab in the MMSSTV program to see the image correctly) hope this helps!

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thanks for the well answer! i wonder if i could write a full walkthrough and put it up here, it would be helpful to others. also, do u need help on the tape puzzle? its more backstory but its cool. and i still dont know what the photos r supossed to mean, and the sash.

EDIT: now im stuck on the lock box code inside the tent. how do u solve it? (sorry for all the questions)

WAIT NO I GOT IT lol, wow, that was hader then i thought haha, not im stuck on the well one. im not sure what its asking

alright, thanks for the assistance!

how did you do it?

its a demo, so i dont think so