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"Is damaged and cannot be opened" error on MacOS

A topic by Ozambie created Jul 17, 2019 Views: 4,160 Replies: 21
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Hey everyone,

I've been wanting to play this game for so long and when I realized it finally came out for Mac I tried to download and play it. The download went just fine, downloaded as a zip file and when it unpacks it is the "" application. However, when I try to open it the computer says it is damaged and cannot be opened, and I should move it to the trash bin. Has anyone else had this problem? I haven't had this issue before with any other or other indie game I've downloaded before. If anyone has a suggestion please let me know, I want to try this game out ASAP!

Right click on the application, click "Show Package Contents", navigate to the folder "MacOS" and double click the "Mac_Runner" executable 

I still get the same error message. I also tried right-click and select open on directly but I still got the same thing. I've never actually seen this happen before with any other game or application so I'm completely lost.


Follow the steps of this video, then repeat the steps above- I forgot that the package contents option doesn't show up without the settings altered 

Did you ever get this game to work? I'm running into the same set of problems. 

Not to butt in, but I'm having the same problem as OP and the recommended solution didn't work for me. Anyone out there know what I need to do? 


I found a way to fix it for me.

Open terminal and issue:

xattr -cr /path/to/

Then it should run fine. Hope it helps.

Unfortunately this did not work for me either - got a "no such file" message in terminal. Any idea why/what to do?

> /path/to/

this is where you copy of WOH is.

I tried the above terminal command and it fixes it.


Got it - thank you so much!!

This seemed to work for me. 

Uuh, I tried this demo and I played it like 5 times. It such different concept and I really like it!! It just took little bit time to understand the whole gameplay and battling system.  I also had to do little coding to get the game launch on my Mac, but it ran smoothly after that.

I cant wait to get my hands on the finished product :]

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I use

Chmod +x /path/to/

and then just go into settings-security and privacy-general and click open when it says it blocked the app.

Works fine for me

Sorry, Im a bit confused. you open terminal, and type 

Chmod +x /path/to/ 
But instead of Path/to/ you write 

Chmod +x /apps/wohhgame/ 
Mac filing system confuses me :D

I know what you mean.  Mac computers are a piece of work.

try this

Works on pretty much any game

Thanks, works like a charm. 

terminal + Chmod +x and just pull in the file in the MacOS folder into the terminal. 

Great 馃憤馃憤馃憤


Yo devs, since the game is still broken for IOS. It might be honorable to remove the IOS tag until it's resolved.
(and since I'm seeing two-year-old posts with the same issue. Im thinking you're lazy on purpose.) 

It鈥檚 not their fault. What they are giving you is the best they can do for Mac. You just have to activate the script for the game. I should know as I am a developer myself and I work on Mac 


Hello. This works for me - nothing above did!

Go to the following location, using terminal: /location/of/

cd into ./Contents/MacOS/

there should be a script - 'wohgame' . Your mac's OS - or the desktop interpretation - thinks this is just a text document, but it's actually the game, within the '' wrapper. You won't be able to run it - this is da problem - but you can change its permissions so that you can.

in the same location, in the terminal, type 'chmod 777 wohgame' . This is a bit of a nuclear option, but it means anyone can read, write, or run the script.

If the command completes - shut the terminal, and click on the app. Welcome to squelchy, questy J-horror funtimes...!

Please let me know if you need further help, cheers, Run DMG

Took a bit to figure out how to do that. got the file path by right clicking and opening the file contents. then I got it working per your instructions by typing: chmod 777 [location of wohgame dragged into the terminal.]

It now launches by double clicking the games wrapper! thank you so much for the help. only posted the reply in case this version makes more sense for someone who doesn鈥檛 know terminal commands well.