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I know that. My mac is old and not enough space. It would run horribly :/

Why I only own a mac... I really need to get a PC to play more games

Mac port?

Hi, and thanks for the reply!

I did try it on my Mac and it did work without any issues. I use Macbook Air from 2014 with NOT the newest OS, because many of my 32bit apps won't work.

[One thing generally that bothers me when playing games on my Mac, is the fact I don't know any buttons, where I can go to the options/setting, how to quit (I always have to force quit any game I play). I end up just hitting every key :D

Options is the number one thing I do before start any game. One important thing that's missing from almost every game, is option for windowed mode. I play lots of pixelated games and on my 27" 4K display I should look that faaar away :D I use my Mac attached to external monitor. This just came to my mind in generally and I wanted to say it to someone who makes games here.]

Thanks !!

Last Word community · Created a new topic Mac support?

Is this coming for Mac?

Uuh, I tried this demo and I played it like 5 times. It such different concept and I really like it!! It just took little bit time to understand the whole gameplay and battling system.  I also had to do little coding to get the game launch on my Mac, but it ran smoothly after that.

I cant wait to get my hands on the finished product :]