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For the drama : a free app for playing For the Queen hacks

A topic by Matthieu_be created 35 days ago Views: 116
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Hi all !

I publish today a new free web app  called For The Drama )  for playing RPG online. It's based on the Descended From the Queen Licence by Evil Hat Publisher and Alex Robert's game : For the Queen. 

For the Queen is a card-based storygame that begin playing in minutes up to 5-8 players.

For the Queen is talking about a Queen, live and betrayal. On this app, there are already 4 games :

  •  For the promised land : You are exiled, migrant, refugee, expatriate going to a city that not want to adopt you.
  • Story of choruses : a game inspired by the Sense8 series.
  • Doing the Job : a game about wrestlers
  • For my fellows : a game about an old group of heroes trying to reform again

I made this app because I love so much Alex's game, and because I could'nt find a good virtual table software for such a simple card-game. 

My second goal is to allow everyone to create their own game. Try it, crash test it, improve and share it for free.

I hope you will like the idea !

Matthieu B