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Thank you ! 

I'm glad to see that this can help

Thank you so much Tetra. You are a good person: your answers clearly show it.

Merci Lucas pour tout ces contenus que tu publies ! J'ai hâte d'essayer ce jeu génialement barré

Oh, I see. But it's not a work for me, I already have one. So serious with computer and such. It takes me more than 10 hours per day and already filled me with joy - I don't want to "work" for RPG, but I think that your game is important and deserves to be play by more people. 

So I offer you this translation as a gift. To thank you for creating such a nice game.

Thank you for your kind awnser. I can give you a complete translation if you want : I already translate your game for my personnal use. It just need some proofreading. I can do it in a few weeks and offer this translation to you for free.

Dear Tetra, I would love to translate your game in French. I play so many wonderfull games of Autumn of the Giants this month. And I'm sure a lot of friends will love to buy and play your game. What do you think about this idea of a translation ? 

wohaho ! that's so cool ! we need more RPG zine like this one. Congrats

Un jeu magnifique aux thèmes très évocateurs, facile à enrichir pendant la partie. Les personnages proposés sont tous excellents à découvrir et à jouer. Si vous cherchez un jeu Belonging Outside Belonging pour débuter, je vous le recommande

You 're welcome !

Do you notice that french indie RPG that has been publish in japanese this week ?

If you want you can edit your game and add a language tag from the "meta data" <3

It seems like you forget to attach a file for your game ( I did the same for my last game 😅)

haha excellent, I also read lol :)

3 new jams added today !

Oh oui ! :)

So cool & fun ! thank you

Merci pour cette superbe traduction !

Le jeu donne envie de jouer et de le décliner sur de nombreux thèmes et univers !

Waow ! I just added 15 new TTRPG Jam :) 

Amazing !

Thank you very much ! ❤️

Keep being awesome 🌞

Hi dear Heart of the Deernicon team !

Thank you so much for creating cool games like BFF! and FoM. I buy a digital copy of FoM on itchio but I can't find the game's rules in the downloaded files. Did I miss something ?  Do the rules exist in french ? 

What a beautiful game you made ❤️

I found it very inspiring and I was like 😭 when I read it. I love both themes and the very freeform rules

Awww your game is so cute and also instructive ! Thank you so much

Thank you Klawzie !

Un jeu court tout en poésie et en petite touche d'humour

Le jeu se suffit à lui même. Il n'empêche que je le verrai bien aussi comme en introduction d'une partie pour un autre jeu, comme un échauffement afin que tous à la table se mette dans l'ambiance et se mettent en mode "on s'écoute et on joue avec les propositions / envies des un-es et des autres".

oh yeah ! absolutly ! thank you very much

very impressive! a lot of content, lovingly crafted

Thank you!

Awww ! Thank you for this little gem, and thank you for adding it to the BLM bundle. I really like how simple and chill the actual play feels. I hope I will play Ikigai soon.

This so cute and usefull ! Your bestiary is a powerfull tool for anyone who want ta craft a RPG - tabletop or videogame. Thank you so much

❤️ thank you !

A marvelous little but enormous game.
Small for its low number of pages. Enormous for the love it overflows with.

Thank you !

un très bon petit jeu d'ambiance, qui peut facilement permettre à des débutants de s'essayer à l'interprétation d'un personnage et à la description d'une scène !

Merci pour ton travail de traduction ! La mise en page est exactement celle de Grant : c'est super !

I really like what you have created with belonging outside belonging. Playing concepts which are parts of a city is exciting and original. I'm sure this game will inspire other designers

Waow ! Thank you very much, this is HUGE

Dope ! Thank you so much. I do not know Wretched & Alone SRD. Got to read that.

Thank you so much ! 

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hey ! someone already published is own french translation ! :)

6e comments · Replied to Batts in 6e comments

Your game has already been played by French people, so making a translation makes sense.

If you agree, I will also translate your class supplement :)

6e comments · Replied to Batts in 6e comments

That's so cool ! Be my guest, here is my translation

Do you need a pdf version ?