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Marilda Carrer - Problem

A topic by HowardTheDuck created 37 days ago Views: 72 Replies: 3
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hello Admin,

that is an outstanding game and at the moment i post a gameplay in german of your game on yt.

the problem i ran into is though, i found the Axe, Marilda Carrer needed but as i went back to the field where she works, i cant get her to any dialogue nor the Dialogue Icon appears when iam close to her, she seems to keep working on the field and doesnt react to my tries to speak to her.

Also, will there be a Map Feature included or is there one i missed ?

Thx for the answer in advance,



Hello Howard,

thank you for trying my game. Unfortunately there are some issues in the game, it's expected being an alpha version, Just try to save and load again the game, some issues are solved just restarting the game.

About the map, not planning to add a map at the moment, just need to improve the introduction of the game being more organic and also add more actions, npcs and things to do in the map. Having a map will kill completely the exploration. Maybe some kind of discovered areas that you have already visited, but we'll see what I implement finally. The map is tiny, compared with almost any game, the buildings are not repeated nor being modular so is not so hard to recognise areas.

I'm watching already your gameplay videos, unfortunately I don't understand German so I cannot take advantage of your comments, anyway is valuable info to see how people play the game. About your framerate, I'm afraid you don't have even a GPU in your computer and you are using your integrated intel gpu, otherwise, the framerate is extremely low, any average gpu reaches 60fps in full hd.

Thank you for posting the videos and I hope reloading the game solves your problem and allows you to continue. I will try to publish a new build soon that maybe can solve such kind of issues.


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Thank you for the answer, iam aware its an alpha version, thats why i mentioned my problem and thought its a bug so you are aware of it :)

the missing Map i mentioned cause i wasnt sure how many locations you will have in the final product or will it stay with two Villages ?

you are right on the fps, i wonder too, cause Games like Skyrim and Witcher 3 work flawlessly and smooth on my machine, maybe cause i have the recording Software Action! in background and this could take a lot of ressources.

My Laptop is an AMD A9 NextGen.and and has 8GB Ram.

The GPU is an AMD Radeon  R5 and the GPU itself has 2 GB VRAM

i cannot wait til the day you release the final product cause the game has so much potential and iam impressed thats a one man production.

Keep up the good work and best wishes for you from Germany,



It's an issue with load and saves games I guess, I hope it' s fixed in the new build, I have refactored almost the whole game. Anyway, thank you for report any issue you found.

About locations, I want to add another town, quarry, blacksmith, abbey, small castle and big castle but I would like the story is progressing between locations and not needing all the areas at the same time. We'll see what I'm implementing finally, and again thank you for your feedback about this subject too.

About framerate performance, did you try full screen without any recorder software running at the same time? You should reach much higher framerate, even people without GPU can play it so you should have higher framerate. Be sure also the game is using your GPU and not your integrated GPU. Force the game to use the GPU if needed.

The day for the final release is far but any feedback is more than welcome and it will make the game better. If you are interested in the development, you can check the YouTube channel where I uploaded more than 1000h of live development: doing models, shaders, textures, code, UI, sounds, ... I did everything that you see in the game.

Thank you for your interest in the game and for your kind words.