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wonderful game,  a surreal journey into another world. Top Notch Graphics, great atmosphere.  not what i expected for a free indie game :) was pretty sad as it ended. :D

made a complete walkthrough in German.

Thank you for this Game :)

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a very wonderful game, it could have been a bit longer, but given the fact the game was made in 7 days, it is awesome. moody atmosphere, great story and a sad sending..loved all of it.

Thank you for this. :)

Here my Walkthrough in German.

such a wonderful well made point and click adventure game, the atmosphere is superb, the riddles not to hard and the graphics are well done. A Gem in the Indie Game Industry.

Thank you for this.

Worth to play....I made a Walkthrough in German 

PS: on a note, i also played your game The Librarian, which falls in the same category, already a classic in my collection :)

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Thank you for the answer, iam aware its an alpha version, thats why i mentioned my problem and thought its a bug so you are aware of it :)

the missing Map i mentioned cause i wasnt sure how many locations you will have in the final product or will it stay with two Villages ?

you are right on the fps, i wonder too, cause Games like Skyrim and Witcher 3 work flawlessly and smooth on my machine, maybe cause i have the recording Software Action! in background and this could take a lot of ressources.

My Laptop is an AMD A9 NextGen.and and has 8GB Ram.

The GPU is an AMD Radeon  R5 and the GPU itself has 2 GB VRAM

i cannot wait til the day you release the final product cause the game has so much potential and iam impressed thats a one man production.

Keep up the good work and best wishes for you from Germany,


hello Admin,

that is an outstanding game and at the moment i post a gameplay in german of your game on yt.

the problem i ran into is though, i found the Axe, Marilda Carrer needed but as i went back to the field where she works, i cant get her to any dialogue nor the Dialogue Icon appears when iam close to her, she seems to keep working on the field and doesnt react to my tries to speak to her.

Also, will there be a Map Feature included or is there one i missed ?

Thx for the answer in advance,