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Soulash is a fantasy roguelike where you play as a forgotten god set on destroying the world. · By Artur Smiarowski

v0.3 preview

A topic by Artur Smiarowski created Jul 14, 2019 Views: 225 Replies: 7
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I'm starting to devote some time to the v0.3 major "Destruction" patch and I'll be showing some progress on twitter if anyone would like to follow me there. Since some of you might not want to use twitter, but still are interested in what's coming, I decided to throw in new stuff here too. Every comment will be dedicated to a different feature, if anyone would like to leave opinion or suggestion please do so as a reply to one of the features so it will be easier to navigate. Comments done directly to the topic will be removed, if you would like to talk about v0.3 in general this is a better place for that.


First new feature - blood. Enemies that have corpses with blood and get hit with physical or true damage will bleed around and cover everything in red liquid, including the player character. Depending on the amount of blood on a tile, color will change as well as glyph and eventually even background.


Not a simple ask I'm sure but, could blood pool or stream from the character until cleaned, depending on the type of liquid flow around the character?


The system is done so all liquid types can cover stuff, at least one of the enemies that I remember will have acid instead of blood. The only exception I'll probably make will be water that will clean other liquids and apply wet status.

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I'm not sure if I totally got across what I meant :) This is the best animation from Dwarf Fortress I could find briefly to illustrate it:

Blood flung off from those "k" creatures (goblins I think? Or kobolds?) flows down in the direction of the river flow. Not suggesting anything as crazy as the fluid dynamic systems DF has, but would it be worthwhile to have something like assign a directional flow to river tiles maybe on a per-zone basis, and have bloody or otherwise covered entities appear to release said liquid downriver and eventually dissipate? Would love to see corpses and other bloodied objects dumped in a body of water to behave the same way. On the other hand I also figure you're probably more amenable to complex additions when they actually effect gameplay mechanics :P


Oh, I see. I had some thoughts about animating the river, and your suggestion would be a great fit. If I get to it, I'll add the objects moved by water flow too.


Second new feature - weather effects. As usual, configurable through modding. The first version of rain is ready, but I'll probably refine it further before v0.3 release. These weather effects can apply some negative status to the characters not hidden below a roof.

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It's been some time since I dropped something new here. Below is the strongest of Berserker abilities coming in v0.3 - Revenge.

It will do damage to everyone in the area, equal to the last five hits received. You can also see a preview of the new environmental damage system. Physical damage done by the ability cut some grass, turning it into the dirt in multiple places. The trees got damaged a bit too. Walls and furniture can be damaged as well, so it will be possible to raze villages and cities to the ground. Many entities turn into something else depending on the damage type, like for example you will be able to freeze the Gnelm River with some frost damage.