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Tools for playing map-games online?

A topic by Speak the Sky created 36 days ago Views: 103
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Anyone know any good tools for playing map-games online? I'm aware of these so far:

  1. Google Drawings: serviceable, but slightly limited, though it probably won't need a subscription or go offline in the near future.
  2. miro: and other whiteboard apps, but miro looks like the best from what I've seen. In my experience it's smoother and more functional than Google Drawings (and includes stuff like a huge library of scalable icons and smoothening when using freehand drawing tools), but I've already had to drop one whiteboard app for going subscription-only even for personal users.
  3. roll20: there are some map-games for sale here, but at least some are only for use with roll20 (e.g. their version of The Quiet Year), and the tools are pretty clunky. On the plus side, it's designed for RPGs, so it has dice and cards built in, plus macros for more complex things if you pay for premium.

They're all free (for now), but who knows in the future.


Here's an example of a TQY map part-way through a game, made with miro (originally called realtimeboard):