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looking for a team for a rpg/mmo fantasy game

A topic by mikearcher created Dec 09, 2016 Views: 345 Replies: 2
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Hi my name is mike i'm kinda new to this stuff but have about 6 months under my belt i'm a game designer/artists(still in progress)the programs that i am using are unity3d,blender and zbrush i wanna bring a game from in my head to real life i fell like people that work with me are gonna have a good time every thing that i have is down on notes so nothing will change over time its really set in stone i have the story line out and the characters they still need names but the have there roles.

I need a team for a mmo/rpg fantasy game it is freelance but it will have a pay part of the game all the profits of the game that is earned will be split up between the group the idea of the game is a dragon age type game but the players will have a ability to free roam in the world everything from housing to castles & dragon and different types of characters to choose leveling and different ability for each characters from i don't wanna get into to much detail but i feel like this could be a really good game that people will enjoy it will also have a really big pvp aspect.

what i'm looking for at the moment.

Level designers
Musicians / Sound Engineers(are not needed at the time but i will need some soon)

if you would like more info on it or would like to get a hold of me you can do so at my email: or my Skype: or discord: mikee

thank you for your time.

Hi I'm from the studio 3D Games Czech and I would like to help with the design of the creation story.My programming skills are not too general rather design. I'll be glad for the answer

When you say "coder", you should specify what language you would like such as C#, Java, html, binary, ETC. or it doesn't matter. I am currently working on a project myself that is a RPG, though not MMO. I personally recommend doing the project with people you know in real life. Good Luck!