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Can I send a website link for my games?

A topic by dermatto created Dec 08, 2016 Views: 226 Replies: 4
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My computer cant handle downloading new things... currently. And I use Game Engines that I don't trust yet. (The current game engine i'm using is Cyberix3D, I can download my game there but it doesn't contain http/https so I don't know if I should trust it.) so can I send a website link to my game?


Errr... send a link where? To your game hosted where?

Send a link to the website Cyberix3D (both an engine and website) where my game is hosted.

Moderator (1 edit)

I think the submission policy encourages you to provide downloads straight from, so people don't have to go elsewhere to get your game. But of course you can also include a link to your project's homepage.

P.S. I see Cyberix3D relies on Flash for both editing and playing games; presumably they give you the game to download as a SWF? supports that directly, no problem.

Okay thanks for your help!