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Escape a procedurally generated city. Survive the Backland · By Bcubedlabs

MORE PIXEL ART? Yes please!

A topic by Temmieneko created Jul 12, 2019 Views: 517 Replies: 10
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WELL! You know I have to buy this one, too! Excellent pixel work, as usual :)


okay now i own it :) thanks for adding standard card purchases, I despise using Paypal in any capacity :3


Thank you for the purchase! I hope you have fun and glad to provide card purchase :)

I actually have an issue :( None of my controllers work properly. I have a DS4 and an XBOXONE controller. Both do the same thing, all the directional controls are inverted ( down moves forward, up moves ackwards ) and the camera is constantly spinning. 

I tried using DS4 Windows to emulate a 360 controller ( didn't work ) and I tried to use DS4 Windows with ( hide DS4 controller ) sdetting applied, that didn't work, either. The other culprit for this Automatic display scaling, which isn't enabled on my pc. ( display resolution is at 100%. ) nothing else I can think of on my end, just having a controller plugged in causes this issue, keyboard and mouse seem fine. 


That is really weird. I've had issue with that before when the controller connects to the computer with it locking a direction. I just have to re sync and connect it. Not sure why the controls would be inverted are you using any software to configure the controller or just plugged in and tried to play?

i tried plug and play, with both controllers. I also tried plugging it in after the game starts running ( also didn't work ). i re-synced the controllers as well, still nothing. That's why I tried DS4 windows to emulate a 360 controller, because ai do not own a 360 controller, only XBOXONE an d a Dualshock4.

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also also, I just checked out mouse controls, and moving the mouse up makes the camera view go down, and vice versa. I literally cannot play this game. There's no way to set any options, either. This is a bummer, I don't mind supporting you, but this will be two games I can't play due to a messed up camera :/

The other game being Farblade, because that has no controller support, and you have to turn the camera with Q and E, which is unplayable. 


I apologize for the issue. I will work on adding inverted camera option asap!


Just dropped a new build. Added option to invert the camera y axis in the pause menu. Also adjusted the controller sensitivity to hopefully that will make it playable. Hope it works for you now!

yeah ^^&  i got it and finished the game ( ? ) just one level, huh? :/