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Tough Runner

A topic by Two Hours Before created Dec 06, 2016 Views: 608 Replies: 12
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Hey guys! This is our second Project. For us is the biggest support is your opinions :)

It is based on classical cinematic runner games. It is a game in which you should take the right action at the right time.


I will test this out tomorrow. But i did skim you page a little and I love the format. Looking at your enemies, it looks like you guys have them all planned out. We'll see how tough they are ;)

Thank you! We are now working on the UI objects.. soon is finished, we will release a playable Alpha version , its will be (HTML5)


Hey guys what do you think about our Menu?


The arbalist is on his way. (Consept)

An Enemy with a single shot ranged attack.


We have some new progress


Trees are now with wind effect animation. :D


And Boxer, is almost ready to fight! :)

Such a sexy move isn't it? :)

Currently added Jump & Slide! :)

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Dodging and kill by Arbalist! :)

Nice animation... Keep up the good work!

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It's Plathammer time!

Added Quick Time Event

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