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I will test this out tomorrow. But i did skim you page a little and I love the format. Looking at your enemies, it looks like you guys have them all planned out. We'll see how tough they are ;)

Dev Notes:

  • I wanna be able to have heroes with unique abilities like in Overwatch.
  • I soon wanna add different skins and taunts (spriters and gfx artists needed for that)
  • I've been inspired by Overwatch lately and its all around fun-ness.

Greenhawk Ops - Alpha

Alpha 1.1


Play the Alpha Now:

Alpha 1.1(Current Version)

  • Dec. 2016 (Current Alpha Build)
  • If you have any ideas for heroes, abilities and ultimates, please let me know. I'll listen to anything! This is a feature I want to make big in the game.
    • Plans for future
      • Payload Type Game Mode
      • More Heroes
      • Star Wars Heroes v. Villians Type Game Mode
      • More Maps
      • Classified!
        • You know too much!


  • 3 maps
  • Basic Ranking System
  • Amazing music
  • Unlimited Ammo (For now...)
  • Team Deathmatch (up to 25)
  • Artificial intelligence (Buggy for now!)

Ultimates and Abilities (New in 1.1)

  • 4 New Heroes
  • 2 Abilities per hero
  • 1 Legendary Ultimate
  • Still in Heavy testing

Planned Features:

  • Create a Class
  • Challenges
  • Gun Camos
  • Prestiging
  • Multiplayer??
  • Voice Overs
  • Intuitive AI
  • More game modes(Search, Dom and FFA)


  • Tiles - 2gen - unreal software community
  • Soldier Sprites - Ozzy and Lubo (Unreal Software Community)
  • Weapons sprites - Mpiece (Unreal Software Community)

Note: Right now the game is in the alpha stage and is no where near a demo date. It is solely here to test out new features up until the game/final release. Have a feature you think would fit into the game or even have something to say? Comment below and I will try my best to get back to you!

Thanks man! I recenty just updated it with a few new features. Check it out when you get the chance!

hey! What's up man :)

Thanks, Humayun! Appreciete it a lot!

This game is really beautiful. I love how it wasn't from a biased point of view and the music really set the tone. I look forward to playing the full version.