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unity procedural level generation with the Wave Function Collapse algorithms · By selfsame

problem with simpleTiledWFC (no rotation)

A topic by LineKernel created Dec 05, 2016 Views: 436 Replies: 6
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the xml is the one i m importing , abc.xml , just for you to make sure it is well formatted

the one thing that is different from your video is that i dont have the red debug lines and i dont know why , all the rest is the same


ok think I know what's missing:

The Tiled model will auto generate symmetry variants. I use the last character of the tile prefab name to encode that, so you need "tri-L".

The default symmetry is "X", which is what it thinks the triangles are right now.

super , thanks , i ll try that and come back to you !

Working perfectly !!!

i can see a few information about the symmetry on the readmefile , is there anywhere more info cause it is not clear for me what XITL represent , even with the L case explained i still dont understand

Developer explains it. Note that the unity version has a mirrored "L" orientation and is missing "/"

Glad you got it working!

i am experimenting with a 3rd tile in the same setup , and i can only see it poping in the output when it is X assigned , but then it is never rotated , is it depending on the model-pattern i m drawing ?

nevermind we posted in the same time , i start to understand thanks