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yes , thanks , it was in 2015 

yeah sorry it s a very old project . I don't really do any unity (anything) anymore .

thanks , no , not really much lore , it was something i did when i was in artschool , close to my diploma , kind of my main piece for my diploma. :)

Congratulation guys , this looks amazing ! i love the intro so muchhhhh , the game is so well made and cute !

I didnt know the game , so i had to check it out ; It s amazing , thanks for the share and the discovery ;)

Theses are some really good idea indeed , but as you might be able to guess it s an old project , i wont be working on it anymore . And yes , at first it was a some sort of city generator . Also something to consider , making a 2 player game online is more complicated than i can handle , and making a 2 player game also imply that you can see the other player , so you need to make 1 or 2 character and their animation , and that is a whole other story work-wise .

but yes , that would have been some good direction to take the game .

Thanks for playing and commenting 



sorry , i didnt see your comment sooner , can you tel me what os you re playing on ? do you have some sort of software like motionjoy , or a controller with a buggy deadzone ?

thank you for playing it and your kind comment ! i'm happy you like it .


thanks :)

no , there is the possibility that you cant reach it , but the scene reset is fast enough so it is not like there is a loading time .

are you using a qwerty or another keyboard ?

no , sorry ,i think this build is supposed to work with both 32 and 64 bit , i m not sure why it s not working 

i m not sure what you mean , is it a problem with a azerty keyboard ?

i think you re running a 64 bit app , and your system is 32 bit

is this a recurring error or did it just happened once ?

i added keyboard and mouse controls

it s far from being as fine as the ps3 controller style . take a look at the readme file 

actually no,  it is impossible  all the controls are based on the fact that you use the analog buttons of the controller so you put just a little pressure or dont put the joystick all the way . I will have to think more about it to make it controllable by keyboard , but i dont know when i will do this . i will have to experiment . and i ll let you know 

You're welcome! I m almost finished uploading the last files ! Cheers 

Hey Bro , i ve uploaded To the Sky mac and linux version if you want to try 

it ll take a bit more time for the others , cheers man 

alright , I ll take note on that and I ll try to do it in January . Thanks for your interest . Cheers YoSoyUri !

no worries , you play it however you want , i also like to just visit the architecture , the generative aspect of the city is a reward by itself in my opinion , it creates unique spaces that i love to take the time to observe .

Thanks for the video man , indeed the slope makes it difficult to jump from the roofs . also i did sometimes use the automatic colliders for simple geometry , but most of the time i made a simplified version to save ressources . Funny thing is you ve played through the same map and never changed . the idea behind the game is that the red cube is getting difficult to find because it spawns at random (exept for the startup). Cheers 2purpleswitchs!

some other reviews 

some other reviews

you do what ever you feel like doing  , or you can just press the "n" key forever 

"the way the city-generator tends to throw buildings into each other produces some mesmerising results"     :      THANK YOU ! 

otherwise , i used the simple first person controller included in unity at that time , and it s performing really bad when you run/walk a slop and jump , also when you press jump while in the air , then land . "Z-fighting" is entirely due to randomness you re right , i m not sure i could test on this at that time , the way i programmed it . Thank you on you great comment ! Cheers Markus  

thanks man , great review . actually theses weird houses are the reason i love randomness :)

As i commented , i thinking about restarting developing  . Cheers

Commented on your video , Thanks man it s a blast watching people play a game i made with my little student hands .

Hi everybody , i didnt came here for a wile , i am seeing a lot of recent comment and i m happy you guys enjoyed it , i'm taking notes on your suggestions , and start to thing about what is actually feasible (1 man team) . I m thinking about rework a bit on this project now that my programming s improved a bit .

Thanks you all.

Nope the only options are x86 or x86_64 or both. I can try a built on the version of Unity i m using right now (5.6.2f1) if you want. 

Is x86_64 fine for you ?

So i ve cheked this page and it only talks about Ubuntu so i guess the version i used to build at that time , even if older , was only aimed at Ubuntu too . Sorry Comrad , it seems that you wont be able to play Unity games , and the problem is not specific to my game .


i m sorry , I m not even sure what Manjaro is. I ll guess it s Linux distribution ? 

Have you tired any other unity games ?Or is this the only unity game that doesn't work? 

Thanks for the video man , it was fun watching you play ! And to see your reactions , also you made some good moves ! 


nevermind we posted in the same time , i start to understand thanks

i am experimenting with a 3rd tile in the same setup , and i can only see it poping in the output when it is X assigned , but then it is never rotated , is it depending on the model-pattern i m drawing ?

Working perfectly !!!

i can see a few information about the symmetry on the readmefile , is there anywhere more info cause it is not clear for me what XITL represent , even with the L case explained i still dont understand

super , thanks , i ll try that and come back to you !

<blockquote class="imgur-embed-pub" lang="en" data-id="a/jhfEf"><a href="//"></a></blockquote><script async src="//" charset="utf-8"></script>

the xml is the one i m importing , abc.xml , just for you to make sure it is well formatted

the one thing that is different from your video is that i dont have the red debug lines and i dont know why , all the rest is the same

(1 edit)

So i reached the 5th ambiant music with the noise, after the wind (i try not to spoil the scenery) and got stuck.

To describe my feeling the best i would have to say something along the lines of : I hate you , but i love the game . (in a friendly tone)

Cheers for the the experience.

PS: advice to players , if you have to go to the toilets, go before , and take snacks and coffee with you eventually