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So i ve cheked this page and it only talks about Ubuntu so i guess the version i used to build at that time , even if older , was only aimed at Ubuntu too . Sorry Comrad , it seems that you wont be able to play Unity games , and the problem is not specific to my game .


I've been able to run other unity games like ravenfield beta 5 and the library of babble fine. But, if you can't compile or aim for other platforms, that's fine. Best of luck in your career. 

Nope the only options are x86 or x86_64 or both. I can try a built on the version of Unity i m using right now (5.6.2f1) if you want. 

Is x86_64 fine for you ?

x86_64 would be fine. As long as it runs well.

Hey! I'm on Arch (which is sort-of related to Manjaro), and it seems that there's something weird with the fidelity-settings.

It should be running fine as long as you don't set it to "Beautiful" or "Fantastic".